Librarians in 3D

How well do you know your librarian?

The main idea of this project was to show, using a short film, the interesting and unexpected lives that librarians lead outside the library. We wanted to give people insight into the lives of librarians in a creative and compelling way. Our group set out to challenge some commonly held but outdated librarian stereotypes.
This project was shaped by the Stephen Lewis Dare Campaign. Our Dare involved showcasing three librarians that challenge stereotypes and who redefine what it means to be a librarian.
It took courage on our part and the featured librarians to step out into the community and redefine librarianship.

Fellow students who worked on this project were: Patrick Molicard-Chartier, Andrea Grassi, Meena Mathuria, and Jordan Patterson

If the above video sparked your interest, I did produce a short trailer starring the incredible Dave Hudson.

December 20th, 2012