Teaching Feedback

As an academic librarian, I don’t have feedback from student feedback questionnaires. However, I can present a sample of student and faculty feedback that I have received since starting with Humber Libraries.

Student Feedback

“This is great! Thank you so much!”

“Thank you so much for your help.”

“I figured it out! Thank you.”

“This mornings [sic] class was amazing.”

Faculty Feedback

“Thanks so much for doing the great research skills workshop with my wild bunch of students. I know they got so much out of it. I really like your ‘way’ with students. You have a really gentle, friendly, and genuine rapport with them. I love learning about ‘what works’ by watching great teachers in action.”

“Just wanted to let you know that the class and I appreciated your presentation yesterday; it was very informative and entertaining.”

“Thank you very much for coming out today! Our students learned a lot of new things today!”

“Caleb, thanks for the great job you did today with the Global Business Management students. Thanks also for including the clickers. Thanks for all you did today.”

“Thanks Caleb – your session yesterday was great. Lots of really good feedback.”

“Huge thanks Caleb. All your work makes such a big difference to the learning of our students.”

“Thank you very much for staying late and coming to my class yesterday evening. The students truly enjoyed your presentation. You did an excellent job. I hope I can have you back to the classes I will teach in the near future. Thanks again.”