Working for Humber Libraries and in collaboration with Humber’s Business School I have been able to pilot a handful of elearning solutions. The first project I worked on was an learning management system embedded Adobe Captivate module that introduces first year marketing students to library research. Marketing is a research intensive field with increasingly complicated databases that require a skill set far beyond simple searches.

Library Research Orientation

My second elearning project was again an Adobe Captivate module embedded in our learning management system. This time around the module served to flip classroom instruction so that I could conduct a hands-on workshop with the students during class. This has been an enlightening experience in that I get to facilitate a class of students using databases for the first time. To me this experience demonstrated the importance of being there with the students while they attempt to navigate complex interfaces for the first time.

Career Research

For my latest elearning project I have collaborated with The Business School once again to build a library database into the curriculum. The marketing analytics course will assign two of our instructional videos as well as a quiz that I created.

Vividata Target Snapshot Videos